31 years of creative visions and bold design in San Francisco

We are an architectural and structural consulting firm providing solutions to projects by developers and home owners with creativity​, experience and energy.

Commercial & Institutional

Commercial projects have been a part of our work since day one. We always meet the requirements and challanges of public spaces, equiptment provisions and ?? contractor engineering projects. We also work on institutional projects like commmunity centers, playrounds and schools.


80% of our work has some aspect of residential design. From single family home additions to large residential hotels and group housing.


Development projects include design, engineering, site reports, planning review and planning commision appoval before proceeding to construction documents and development.


We work on many old San Francisco renovation projects, like the old Salvation Army building building where we are currently located. We renovate and upgrade old hotels and appartment buildings dating back to 1890. ADA compliance and upgrades are a critical part of the work that must be provided with physical